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Marine Aircraft Group 31


Marine Aircraft Group 31

MAG-31 S1 Administration
MAG-31 S2 Intelligence
The mission of the S-2, Marine Aircraft Group 31 is to ensure that all intelligence resources of MAG-31, in terms of personnel and equipment, are integrated into one seamless intelligence architecture. In garrison, the S-2 executes the intelligence cycles supporting the Commanding Officer, his staff, and subordinate Squadrons as required. While deployed, the S-2 provides the bulk of intelligence support to the Tactical Air Command Center (TACC), Group Intelligence Center (GIC), and/or the Flight Line Intelligence Center (FLIC) as appropriate. These intelligence assets support MAG-31 in its role as an Air Combat Element (ACE), or an element of an ACE, within a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). 
MAG-31 S4 Logistics
MAG-31 S5 Safety
Helpful Links
  • CMC Safety Division
  • Navy Safety Site
  • Navy School of Aviation Safety
  • Navy Safety site for Safety instructions
  • Air Force Safety site
  • Coast Guard Safety site
  • Army Safety site

  • http://www.baseops.net/
  • https://fwb.metoc.navy.mil/fwb10/login.aspx (CAC Card Required)
MAG-31 S6 Communications
The mission of the S-6, Marine Aircraft Group 31 is to provide information, procedures, and instructions regarding use, operation, management, and support of the telecommunications and information systems network. To formulate, maintain, and update long-range communications and communications infrastructure planning for MAG-31. 
MAG-31 Chaplain's
MAG 31 Chaplain's Office
Bldg 600 (Operations Building, Flightline) 228-7200

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